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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several questions to help both current and potential lenders better understand our company and the private lending process. It is a priority for CapSource to insure that each person we work with feel confident in their ability to fully understand any potential problems and benefits of private lending. We hope the information contained below will assist you with making informed decisions in order to take hold of financial opportunities that fit your individual needs and expectations.

CapSource Inc. is a privately held loan origination and servicing company located in Las Vegas, NV. Established in 1997, CapSource Inc. has successfully funded and serviced private loans throughout the Southwestern United States including Nevada, Arizona, California, Utah and Colorado. Transactions originated by Capsource provide investors with a unique blend of strong yield monthly income and the safety of collateralized loans.

We take pride in the financial education we are able to share with current and potential clients and are excited to play a unique role in this very opportunity filled real estate market. By using traditional concepts with an innovative, resourceful,and diligent approach to our business, we bring together investors and borrowers servicing a niche marketplace whereby time sensitive special needs financing is met with alternative investment opportunities for premium risk adjusted returns.