The CapSource Trust Deed Process


Step 1: Build a Knowledge Base

The first thing that we do at CapSource is work with you to make sure that you understand everything you need to know about trust deeds and why they are a fantastic way to grow your wealth.

To support your trust deed education we work one-on-one with you to provide education. Your account executive will hold individual sessions with you, and provide you with a slew of on-line and off-line educational materials to ensure that you understand both the investment itself and the process for making that investment.

To further assist our clients, our Account Executives also make sure that you understand self directed investing and how you can earn your investment income tax deferred or completely tax free. That’s right, you can grow your money tax free.

Step 2: Analyze Available Trust Deeds

CapSource has new opportunities available every month. As you move toward selecting the trust deed that is right for you, your account representative will provide you with information that includes:

Investment Terms & Duration
Borrower Background
Loan Amount
Loan Details
Property Appraisal

We will help ensure you completely understand the investment and answer any questions you have.

Step 3: Making Your Trust Deed Investment

Once you select the trust deed that is right for you, your CapSource account executive will help move you through the process swiftly and easily.

The CapSource team will explain every section of the investment specific documents. They will also assist you when you need help completing the documents to ensure that your investment is executed properly and with 100% accuracy.

Step 4: Final Closing of the Trust Deed

CapSource will compile all the required documents and ensure that they are all ready at the title company when the trust deed is closing. We coordinate with the borrower and escrow company in order to finalize the investment.

Once the investment closes, you will receive copies of the actual Deed of Trust and Promissory Note for your investment in the Trust Deed.

Step 5: Collecting Monthly Checks

Once all of the documents are filed and completed, you start collecting your interest checks.

At CapSource, interest checks are sent out monthly to you. For those investors utilizing an IRA account, the monthly interest checks are sent monthly to your IRA Custodian for deposit into your IRA account.

Each investor continues to collect interest payments monthly until the Trust Deed term is completed.

Once the term is over, we contact you to discuss new opportunities for reinvestment and the entire process starts over.